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[Free Workbook] 31 Positive Affirmations for Every Day of the Month

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Amen! I'll keep my huge & inability to BS A spade is a spade ♠️ & I won't keep my mouth shut if a child's life/future is at stake

each of us has a life's history. it is who we are. may we not judge anyone, at any time in their lives. we don't know where they have walked, what they have been through.

Holy crap!! So that's how they get knots right up next to a bead...using a needle! So simple, but never thought of it before.

Photo (1000 Life Hacks)

Show me your quirks...your weirdness...your nerd...your huge laugh...snort...dramatic facial expressions. Show me those beautiful pieces pieces of you. Show me what makes you interesting.

#girl boss I do but it's a struggle especially when it's from those we never would expect it from since we would never do the same in the same shoes......anyway