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HELP I CAN'T!!! Like, I feel somewhat bad, BUT THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!

"i made a kid cry and I got a tip" oh yes, I love to make kids cry

This will always be funny

Immagine di lol, funny, and haha<<<<<< that pun is amazing XD always carry bread now so this can happen if it somehow occurs

this is basically me already so i wouldn't be surprised if it continued into college

A guy in my class mixes Red Bull with Mountain Dew before drinking it. no clue how he hasn't had a heart attack. <---- and people are surprised that I got through college and grad school without drinking coffee at all.

I tried drawing a frog for the first time and I don't know what went wrong

I tried drawing a frog for the first time and I don't know what went wrong

Tumblr<<Someone in the comments said it was Queen Victoria, not Elizabeth

One of Queen Victoria's first acts was to have her own bedroom and privacy because growing up she was always in the company of either her mother or one maid lady person.


you think Shakespeare is boring? Shakespeare thinks your mom is boring. I don't love Shakespeare, but I that's because I don't catch the humor he uses right away ( that's because I don't read him on leisure time )


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha<< I thought Dan Howell was the Queen of Procrastination (if ya know what I mean 😏).