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Mumienporträt der Eirene  [Schillerplatz 6]

Mummy portrait of a young lady named Eirene, AD. The portraits were painted on thin wood panels and fitted into the head area of the.

A mosaic portrait of a woman from Pompeii over 2,000 year old .British Museum.

portrait of a lady – pompeii mosaic portrait

Roman portrait mosaic in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli. Not painted, but a good example of an ancient mosaic portrait executed in many colors from small tesserae.

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A Painted Wood Fayum Portrait of a Romano-Egyptian Man, Roman period. Painted on a wooden panel in the encaustic technique, the panel itself dressed in antiquity in order to accommodate it to the mummy.

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Roman Painting Mummy portrait of a young man with sword belt, er Rubayat, ca AD 120 (Berlin, Neues Museum)

To continue the series on historical style, I skipped the Greeks and moved on to Ancient Rome. The Romans derived their fashion (and art and architecture and religion..) from the Greeks, but they a…

Ancient Roman Hair

Fayum mummy portrait Depiction of a woman with a ringlet hairstyle, an orange chiton with black bands and rod-shaped earrings. Royal Museum of Scotland. Mummy portraits or Fayum mummy portraits (also.

Fayum portraits, British Museum (left) and Metropolitan Museum (LEFT ) MO

Gilded mummy portrait of a woman, Roman Period, ca said to be from Saqqara, Lower Egypt

Fayum mummy portrait, Roman Egypt

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