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Ethiopia, tribes, Surma, Suri people Young Suri boy with beautiful face painting in Kibish

the look on your face when someone asked you are you sure.....REALLY

born 1 July is an Indigenous Australian traditional dancer and actor. This is a shot from the "Australia" movie starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman

Africa | Just one of the great images included in Gianni Giansanti's publication 'Ultima Africa'

Omo valley body painting from Gianni Giansanti's publication 'Ultima Africa'


'Hamar Portrait, Ethiopia' by photographer Pascal Mannaerts. "The Hamars are a people of East Africa living in southwestern Ethiopia in a fertile area of the Omo Valley. The gracious Hamar women are easily spotted with their characteristic outfits.

Suri Tribe | www.saylluiiis.com | Sergio Carbajo | Flickr

Suri or Shuri, the name of a sedentary pastoral people and its Nilo-Saharan language. They inhabit the Bench Maji Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities & People's Region in Ethiopia & parts of neighbouring South Sudan and west of Mizan Teferi.

Africa | Young Suri boy with beautiful face painting in Kibish. Omo Valley, Ethiopia | ©Dietmar Temps

Ethiopia, tribes, Surma, Suri people Young Suri boy with beautiful face painting in Kibish

Mursi Tribe, Ethiopia                                                                                                                                                      More

Learn About The Robust And Attractive African Art

Cultures in Africa, beautiful, what a work of art. its incredible! Ideas for Chanzzu face paint

Ethiopian Tribes, Suri by Dietmar Temps, via Flickr

one thing i miss most about Africa. the children who always stole my heart with their smiles~ you inspire me. I really wish I could bring you all home and be my babies!

Look at this cloth. They weave them magnificently. I love the color the texture. Makes me swoon. Biddy Craft/"Ethiopian Tribes, Suri"

Ethiopian Tribes, Suri Ethiopia, tribes, Surma, Suri people Boy with Donga stick seen in Bargoba village near Kibish. (by Dietmar Temps)