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THE EXPANSE (Full Episode) | The Search Begins from "Dulcinea" | Syfy

THE EXPANSE (Full Episode) | The Search Begins from "Dulcinea" | Syfy

What's the Deal With Gluten? This is a great explanation of gluten. Also breaks down foods that contain gluten as well as foods that are gluten free. Oh and learn a few celebs that have gluten sensitivities as well as full blown celiac.

Gluten infographic- perfect explanation for people who think being Gluten-free is a fad diet or that people give the sensitivity/intolerance or Celiac disease to themselves.

Killjoys (Syfy) Most Interesting #SCIFI TV series developments in the last FOUR months #BLOG

Killjoys - Luke MacFarlane and Aaron Ashmore. Oh yes, and an ass-kicking leading lady!

Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice Quinn) – Cast | The Magicians | Syfy

Olivia Taylor Dudley - as Alice Quinn - in the Magicians (SyFy Chanel Series

"Hector's experience with the youth orchestra gave him something to work toward. It gave him and his family hope." Hector is an 18-year-old cellist and former sponsored child who made Guatemala's national orchestra! http://blog.worldvision.org/sponsorship/former-sponsored-child-makes-guatemalas-national-orchestra

Hector is a former World Vision sponsored child who earned a spot in Guatemala's National Symphonic Orchestra.