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✨{Art by: siroikaho.tumblr.com!}✨

✨{Art by: siroikaho.tumblr.com!}✨

He ate the ice cream

guess who has one week off? ME guess who's back GOLDIE AND SPRINGY Nightmare and Ellipsis will leave UwU unless you want one of them to stay the era has finally ended .and then another one wil.

✨{Protector (Spoilers maybe) by YugiSR on DeviantArt!}✨

That's the bullshittiest thing I've ever heard that was his brother he was suppose help him not make the child fear him

To be honest,  when I first saw the second panel I thought foxy had really fabulous hair. Oops

Love the last face. Mike: *crosses eyes* I do what I want .<<< end of night 5