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"Who would've thought I'd end my McKinley days right where I started -- back on top. I got into the school of my dreams, AND we won Nationals. Plus, I'm feeling stronger every day. Everyone else is so emotional, but I don't feel that way. I guess I've cried enough tears for three graduations. Or maybe it's just hard to feel weepy when I look at my friends. They've grown into such incredible people. Nothing's gonna stop any of them." -Quinn Fabray

Name: Ariel Marie Snow Age: 25 Sister's with Caitlin Snow Love Interest: Barry Allen

Art Glee! glee best-buy-uniforms

I don't watch Glee that often, but when i do, Brittany's my fav ^_^

Glee, Glee, GleeK

Which "Friends" Character Are You?

One of my FAVORITE episode i rewatched this a million times

Chicken Francese – Lightened Up

4 eyes Brown Eyes Nose "Trouty Mouth" I'm with "Stoopid" OCD No Weave Butt Chin "Lebanese" Likes Boys Can't Sing "Lucy Caboosey" Bad Attitude I'm with stupid Can't Dance

Slushy time! They were a really good couple on and off screen which makes it so much harder to say goodbye

A Timeline Of Cory Monteith And Lea Michele's Relationship