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50 Classy People From The Past Who Remind Us What "Cool" Really Means! -A young Harrison Ford

Daily Odd Compliment - Imgur OMG I know people who should have their scent made into candles....

Daily Odd Compliment

You smell so good,I wish I could wax your scent into a candle. On a related note, I have no idea how candles are made.

Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka...

My name is Willy Wonka.

I love Johnny Depp he is an amazing actor, Pirates is my favourite movie series (not favourite movie), I loved Alice and Wonderland, . But no remake can beat the original Willy Wonka movie.

This man is a genius with way too much time on his hands.

I can't even breathe right now. I thought I was reading something important, then. I can't. Read the whole thing. It's totally worth it.

We have rounded up some cool examples showing why Netflix really loves its users.

Sissons Sissons Mitchell Fellow Campbell Netflix will always be there for us!

Hahaha some of these are epic and some are weird but I couldn't stop laughing!

Here are 35 of the strangest, funniest, and most bizarre text messages to go viral online in This is the funniest thing I've ever read. The mints" made me laugh so hard!