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UK’s Ingenious Media signs $200m film deal with Chinese group | Edward Voskeritchian | Pulse | LinkedIn

James Cameron May Film Three AVATAR Sequels at the Same Time. Sigourney Weaver says Cameron's Avatar 3 and 4 will be filming at the same time.

The way we were...

My favorite movie of all time! Katie Morosky and Hubbell Gardiner: played by Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford in the 1973 film "The Way We Were" (Directed by Sydney Pollack)

Ikran Clan Leader. Gathering the clans for battle against the sky people.

Unknown Ikran Clan Leader



This girl is quarterback of her high school football team, and that cheerleader is her girlfriend! This is too cute me being a girl amd on the football team was hard enough I which my gf could have been there cheering me on .

Avatar Movie Hd Wallpaper

[CasaGiardino] ♛ Can I just say I was more attracted to Avatar Jake than human Jake!

She looks so happy and carefree!

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[CasaGiardino] ♛ Avatar Sequels Update: It's official! Avatar stars Sam Worthington (Jake Sully) and Zoe Saldana (Neytiri) have officially signed on for all 3 sequels!