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Bath time isn't Penny's favorite.

Bath time isn't Penny's favorite.

I really want one of these this time around! Blooming bath!

I would love this rather then a baby bathing tub =] Blooming Bath is so much fun! The best way to bathe your baby!< this is cute, but maybe if I have a girl one day, it wouldbe better lol

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Post bath time antics spent the last half hour chasing two silly wet Staffies around the house. So sweet & funny !

Un buen baño es lo que se me apetecía ¡Que fresquito me he quedado!

Robin taking a bath.European Robin (Erithacus rubecula), known simply as the robin in the British Isles

Unicorn Fizzy Bath Salts - these are so cute!

Unicorn Fizzy Bath Salts with Printable Label

Wash time for elephant calf.

Elephants - Mom with her baby elephant calf in the water together ~ Animal / Nature Photography Pictures - So sweet.