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Xiumin is the only normal one XD

this just describes perfectly my feelings XD

One group has these power.. Each person has one power.. No one can help because only one person in the entire world has their power at a time. This is the new generation.

The Power World - •Chapter One•

- unlikely friendship (frost + fire) - power friendship (wind + fire) - common friendship (lightning + light)

Taemin #kpop #shinee #cute

12 male idols that look ridiculously good in suits (maknae edition)


how i hope it will happen X) Any boy out there that likes kpop you and me need to talk


Kris-less Luhan-less Tao-less. Only one's left that's Chinese XD EXO MAMA<--- im crying but its so funny

exo artificial love  ^^^ Bless Byun Baekhyun!  I now relish that "now you wanna play me" part on a whole new level^.^

artificial love is one of my favourite exo songs ever ❤️ im so glad they got it!


han ga in choi seung hyun -That jawline is killer