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Top public school to allow transgender children to choose uniform

Brighton College, pictured, has decided to break with years of tradition in a move it says is a reaction to a changing society. It added that at least one boy has already expressed a desire to wear a skirt.

I'll sue, says man wrongly charged over abusive tweet

A British man in Croydon, north London, has been arrested for inciting racial hatred on social media after tweeting that he confronted a Muslim woman asking her to explain Brussels.

JAN MOIR has stopped donating because she no longer trusts them

According to a recent report by the Charities Aid Foundation, older females in higher socio-economic grades are the people who are most likely to give money to charity, writes JAN MOIR

SAS hero jailed over Falklands War gun trophy

Albert Patterson said he kept the pistol, taken from an Argentinian officer, to remind him of the 22 friends who died in the conflict.

Social media bosses face jail if they warn users MI5 is watching them

Is Twitter the downfall of real communication? After all Twitter users are only able to relate what they have to say in 140 characters; so could this fact be the reason why people often abuse others on Twitter?

Asian family who converted to Christianity suffering appalling abuse

Nissar Hussain, his wife Kubra and their six children (pictured) have suffered appalling abuse at the hands of their neighbours who regard them as 'blasphemers' and attack them in the street.

Egypt hotel worker hold fake gun to British tourists day after Tunisia

MUSLIM JOKE? Egyptian hotel worker hold fake gun to British tourists day after Tunisia beach massacre!

Fresh blow for Cameron as six of his MPs say they'll vote for 'Brexit'

The MPs - all elected last May in the Conservatives shock majority general election win - have said they believe Britain has a brighter future outside the bloc.

The binmen who refused to empty a rubbish bin

The binmen in Farnham, Surrey, said the bag of Walkers prawn cocktail crisps fell foul of the rules – even though it had been dropped there by a litterbug and not by the owner of the bin.

Mother stopped in the street by two men who offered her £50

DIVERSITY comes to Hertfordshire! Negroes offer mum £50 for her baby!