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A fossil of the forest-floor-dwelling animal Megaconus suggests that its group predated mammals � whereas a fossil of its tree-dwelling cousin Arboroharamiya seems to show that the group belonged in the mammalian family tree.

A newly discovered fossil reveals the evolutionary adaptations of a proto-mammal, providing evidence that traits such as hair and fur originated well before the rise of the first true mammals. The biological .

Mark the Mammoth Celebrates Poetry at Work Day - We'll have a full wrap-up of our 2015 Poetry at Work Day celebration tomorrow, but today, enjoy the poems of Mark the Mammoth.

Ancient Ice Age Mammoth and Bison Fossils Uncovered at Construction Site in California

Placerias ... el antecesor de mamiferos y reptiles

The term “prehistoric reptiles” group is intended for a broad category of animals which helps distinguish the dinosaurs from other prehistoric reptiles. Most of the prehistoric reptiles are often.


From the tiny dragon dinosaur to the largest land mammal ever, these beasts stand head and shoulders above the rest. The paleo countdown begins! These are the top ten fossil discoveries of

Macrauchenia | Impression de l'article : Macrauchenia Figurine à Jouer - La Boutique ... | Became extinct about 8,500 years ago.

The Macrauchenia prehistoric mammal model which was part of a prehistoric mammal model series made by Schleich. I wonder maybe Tapir came from this mammal.

The Conquest of Nature and What We’ve Lost

Koalas are an indicator that climate change is upon us, say researchers at the University of Queensland.

what separates us from compassionate human beings to irrational, cruelty driven PLEBS! I used that word !

Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man. End of story!

Smilodon populator attacks Macrauchenia by RomanYevseyev.deviantart.com

Pleistocene of South America. Two Smilodon populator attacks Macrauchenia patachonica.