Kim Kardashian has really, really gone blonde. This is her at today's Balmain show in Paris, not long after the Internet freaked out because a tiny section of her newly bleached lob had escaped from her beanie. With her regular eyebrows, it's very striking, no? -

While she's experimented with color in the past, the reality star has always maintained luscious long locks...until now. Kardashian let her hairstylist, Jen Atkin, cut her golden mane into a trendy lob—which she debuted at sister Kim's baby shower. -

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January Jones January Jones shows off her multi-tonal locks with an undone, loopy braid that finishes with a velvet bow.

Between having your hair over your shoulder and tons of texture, a boring braid this is not.

Emily Blunt has been laying low after awards season, but over the weekend, her hair did something newsworthy—it went blonde(r)! The Into the Woods actress lightened up her brunette ombré for a new role, maybe, but more likely because it's finally spring. -

Selena Gomez got the Rachel—or at least a layered, mid-length cut that very closely resembles the situation that went on on top of Jennifer Aniston's head in the '90s. Two things we can surmise from this selfie, which the Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving actress posted Thursday: 1) She might have simply taken out her extensions. And 2) stars use Photobooth too. -

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