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Ayari G.

Totaly Outdoors: Whiskered Treeswift, found in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines


Diamond Firetail Finch - Australia - Charming little bird with a fire tail.

little bird.

Green Magpie Photo & comment by John Piercy 2009 copyright

Interesting color patterns.

Czubik Mały - Hemiprocne comata- our-amazing-world: Whiskered Treeswift Amazing World beautiful amazing


Falco sparverius - pustułka amerykańska American Kestrals / Photo taken in Port Dover, Ontario

The Tail itself is like the wedding dress trail. How beautiful it must look when flying.

the amazing Squirrel Cuckoo.I just fell in love! Wikipedia:The Squirrel Cuckoo (Piaya cayana) is a large and active species of cuckoo found in wooded habitats from northwestern Mexico to northern Argentina and Uruguay, and on Trinidad.