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E-book excerpt from @Suzi Banks Baum: "During the early years of your kids’ lives, let yourself off the hook. Don’t try to accomplish so much that you make yourself nuts. As a new mom, you are susceptible to massive self-doubt. You will double your grief by holding yourself to standards you kept pre-baby. Just take a break. Nap. Dream. Navigate these waters of motherhood knowing that things will change." The Creative Mother's Guide: Six Creative Practices for the Early Years

This year my focus colors were the theme that came early on. Having a starting color palette of about three colors helps jumpstart my journal and my creative year. I’ve found the palette finds its way into my art and even my wardrobe. This year, I did something different in using the bright, spring colors for my January calendar. I’ve never chose unseasonal colors like that for the winter month of January. But this year I have a strong sense of new beginning, of growth, of stepping out in…

The sun, the moon and the comet✨ I'm working on new collar pins and i will release them in the early days of January. It's been too long that i haven't put somethings on my shop new but i had many ideas and sketches were waiting to become alive for months. I lost my interest in many of them since i couldn't find some time to make them or there happened some unexpected situations that i had to change my work plan. Hopefully 2017 will be a better and more creative year. I'm planning to make…

Expressive Arts and Design in the Early Years: Supporting Young Children's Creativity Through Art, Design, Music,...

Each year, the Department of Education releases a focus statement that outlines the national priorities for the following year. The central message of the Focus 2017 statement is to accelerate learning success for all students, including ‘Focus on STEM in the early years, particularly numeracy, creative problem-solving and coding skills’.

By Terry Russell and Linda McGuigan Science in the early years is about encouraging imagination, creativity and curiosity and nurturing key scientific skills to form a firm base for learning. Understanding how best to do this for young children aged 3-7 is the focus of the book. By concentrating on practical and naturally occurring experiences the authors look at meeting the needs of the curriculum with children at the centre of their own learning.

Creativity & Motherhood: Tips for Traversing the Early Years. Great tips including putting together a portable creativity kit to take advantage of occasional free moments. #art #creativity #motherhood

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