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From my FB Friend.... I.L.Y = im Leaving You S.M.H = Sex Might Help F.U.C.K = Friend U Can Keep L.O.V.E = Legs Open Very Easily M.O.E = Money Over Everything A.D.I.D.A.S = All Day I Dream About Sex F.L.I.R.T = F*ck Love I'd Rather Tease L.I.F.E = Live It F*ck Everything Else R.E.A.L = Remember Everyone Aint Loyal C.R.E.A.M = Cash Rules Everything Around Me S.I.N.G.L.E = Stress Is Now Gone Life's Easier S.I.N.G.L.E = Sometimes Its Not Good Loving Everyone B.I.B.L.E = Basic Rules Before…

I need to remember this, be the kind of friend that people call when their hurting. Be there for my friends no matter what.

Sometimes we listen when the ego tells us "it's not your fault!" because this idea takes us off the hook. We aren't "bad." We didn't make a mistake. It feels better this way. However, if you can transcend the ego by simply letting go you may discover truths on the other side which will allow for growth, health and happiness. The question to consider may be this: How will I be able to alter an undesirable behavior if I'm not honest with myself about it?