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Don't ruin your #tomorrows by spending today #reliving #yesterday

Don't ruin your by spending today

Steven Pressfield Quote

Steven Pressfield art quote by Jeanetta Gonzales

- Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962 (I'm supposed to go white water rafting but I'm scared. Hopefully I overcome my fear and do it anyway). :-X

Quote of the Day: Eleanor Roosevelt on To-dos -

Do one thing that scares you, everyday. can't I just do one thing that scares other people everyday?

It's YOUR life.  Do with it what YOU want . . .

close your eyes . take three slow deep breaths . GO GET 'EM!

I won't go peaceful into that good night, and until that time comes I do try to live as wild a life as possible.

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➳➳➳☮American Hippie - Time to live is now . no one has a guarantee of tomorrow :)

Don't waste a single opportunity. Don't live life thinking, "I'll tell them next time", "I'll visit them tomorrow"... Next time and/or tomorrow may be too late.

People don't pay attention to this kind of stuff until it's too late. Tell them before it's too late and they disappear.

Your job is not to please others

Spend some time today just loving you .

Pastries are the reason I went to culinary school. I love making pretty things for the world.

How You Can Become a Chef Without Going to Culinary School

This is my UBER GOAL for the next chapter of my life. I love this advice SO very much! And Julia Child LIVED IT! I feel that this advice is SO conducive to "Health & Wellness" that it HAD to be pinned on this board! Passion is KEY!


I do not want to be someone who just doesn't give a damn! I try hard to give damns and give them well! :) And I want to be surrounded by people who give many damns too!

#determination #give-it-all-you-got

#determination #give-it-all-you-got

"A bad attitude is like a flat tire.  You can't go anywhere until you change it."

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A bad attitude is like a flat tireyou cant go anywhere until you change it - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images