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Malasana, squat pose is a sumptuous asana we like to sit in, especially when we're hanging out or chatting with a friend. Malasana will help to open up your hips in a wonderful way. From a standing position, bring your legs about twelve inches apart, breathe in and as you exhale, sink your butt down towards the floor. Keep your feet as parallel as you can. If your heels aren’t touching the floor, you can roll up a blanket and put it underneath. Bring your hands into prayer pose in fron

16 Yoga Poses For A Happy Holiday Season

Whether you're a yoga teacher looking to bring a bit of Christmas sparkle to your classes, a parent who wants a fun way to keep the kids active over the holiday season, a yogi who wants to inject a

“Hip openers” are a very important group of asanas and pre-asanas for daily or weekly practice. These allow you to develop joint flexibility and improve the ability to rotate your hips internally and externally, also as a benefit you’ll get more success and pleasure from practicing Half-moon pose (Sanskrit Ardha Chandrasana), One-legged pigeon pose (Sanskrit Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) and, of course, Lotus pose (Sanskrit Padmasana). During my experience teahcing and prac

4 Yoga Poses To Give Your Spine A Complete Stretch

Spine stretch: The spine is a masterpiece of engineering. The four curves of the spine and their varying shapes perfectly balance the two primary functions of our skeletal system: stability and mobility.