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Spotted Burrfish (Balloon fish)

Large spotted Burrfish (or Puffer) hanging out under a coral overhang, it was very camera shy.

Anemone and Clown Fish

False clown anemonefish (Amphiprion ocellaris) sheltering in anemone Photo by Georgette Douwma on Getty Images

Queen Anglefish. You can see her crown. This was my favorite fish when I used to scuba dive.

My favorite saltwater fish of all time. The beautiful Queen Angelfish. It's name speaks for it.

No lie...My Lion Fish ATE my Cow Fish!  It killed him of course...but dam! the nerve!

No lie.My Lion Fish ATE my Cow Fish! It killed him of course.but dam! the nerve!

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Rescue Koo Koo Fish game online in EightGames. The Koo Koo fish is very innocent and she missed her parents. Help and rescue the Koo Koo fish soon.

arrowana fish pictures | Arowana Fish Wallpaper

Sometimes the Arowana is called dragon fish because of its colorful, metallic and reflective scales. The beautiful Arowanas are also known as bonytongues.