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This is so so amazing!!!!! I love how rick describes their eyes! Each one is different! I love Piper eyes!!!!

Percy looks like a dying angel. his eyes are so sad here. I want to cry in a corner everytime I look at them. Percy Jackson eyes from top to bottom: Annabeth, Selina, Percy, Hazel, and Piper.

(Open rp. I'm her) I'm experiment 1. I don't really have a name but I'm apparently the first one they took. I don't see many of the other experiments. I'm alone most of the time until they take me and do painful experiments. Today they took me to meet a male that they call 2. I look forward to meeting someone after 16 years of being alone.(credit to @Wolyypuppy )

8 Stylish And Trendy Long Hairstyles For School Girls

I've always hated my brown eyes, but this is really cool

I found this saved on an old hard drive of mine. For all my friends who dislike their ‘simply brown eyes’ -Not mine.

Yes so true I️ have blue eyes and it’s always ocean ocean and that stuff like blue is not as common brown eyes so stop making the person with the eye color that your maybe soon to be loved has

And I said "Hey there, pretty brown eyes, whatcha doin later tonight? Do you mind if I spend time with you?" << check out Bob Seger and the song "Brown Eyed Girl".

Just some fruits by cristina otero

Just some fruits by cristina otero

This is a good example of food photography because it brings in another element of art, but still focuses on the food as the subject. The also use the food as inspiration for the make-up of the girls in the photos.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Bahamas, Atlantic, Pacific,Indian, Ocean!  :)

These Pumpkin Nutella Cookie Bars are the best pumpkin recipe ever! Rich pumpkin cookie bars filled with gooey Nutella - such an easy recipe the whole family will LOVE!

the gioi sao:http://tintuc.vn/the-gioi-sao/du-giau-hh-ky-duyen-va-ban-trai-dai-gia-van-lo-viec-di-phap-139110

Pastel Beauty Look for Holidays

Super Light Pinks Eye Makeup Tips. This is a really beautiful natural look. I love pink eye shadow!

Unfortunately my soul isn't beautiful. It was robbed from me a very long time ago and replaced with hatred toward things that should be irrational to me but aren't. Why I never speak what I really want to when I'm face to face. I really think my words could possibly cause someone to kill themselves. Only a rare few I've had the opportunity to meet recently that don't have that to worry about.

Inspirational picture hatred quotes, deep, wise, sayings, love yourself. Find your favorite picture!

Wow girls now you can really get rid of tired eye after long working day by following this easy eye makeup steps

Apply Eye are so many ways to stand up your brown eyes and there are so many shades that you can use for your beautiful bright brown eyes

That's so touching. I really want them to find the ones who will make them happy and love them. Even if it isn't me.

That's so touching. I really want them to find the ones who will make them happy and love them. Even if it isn't me.

this is a cool trick...pencil and just color the eyes. it really makes em pop!;)

this is a cool trick.pencil and just color the eyes. I love these sort of drawings. it makes the eyes more detailed and stand out. while the rest of the drawing is in light pencil.