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Happy face baby photo with a caption: I have a surprise for you. It's poop. Are you tired of cleaning after your sweetie or you enjoy dong it?

GTA V Police

Swedish traffic cops in action. Shocking pics from Sweden. As you see this bad guy tried to evade the Swedish road police in his old Audi but their Volvo wagon absolutely crushed him.

cops get scared to - pigsarefunny.com

police officer on top of police car, points pointing gun at alligator in road, That's how I act when I see a spider, Funny Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics

My Sister Says You Got Her Nose...

My sister says you got her nose.you give it back now and nobody gets hurt. Just laughs fun and humor

Tiny car, I hit a deer, Deer laughed and walked away, Hahahaha - I always wondered. They make deer horns for car in Sporting & Hunting section for driving on Country Roads, only deer can hear horn

Funny Signs From Around The World. The last one is my favorite.

Funny Signs From Around The World. The last one is my favorite. >>>> I think the mountain lion one is my favorite. nm theryér all my favorite hahaha couldn stop laughing XD

28 Funny Babies and Kids Pics

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Very interesting post: 28 Funny Babies and Kids Pics.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Kids, Babies.

love this <3 haha

13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day

At Dawn We Ride: picture brought to you by evil milk funny pics. Image related to At Dawn We Ride


Who Says Grownups Can't Have Fun? Grandma Rides the Shopping Cart at Walmart: Thought this was only a kid's sport? Grandma wants in on this and she

Best Frozen meme ever

funny disney snowman meme pun i just had to pls The Shining jack anna frozen hans Shining sven here's johnny im so sorry elsa olaf do you wanna build a snowman

The Question: What is Humanity’s Greatest Threat? [Comic]

The Question: What is Humanity's Greatest Threat? [Comic]

Our SUPER COMPUTER is finally ready to answer the most important question.