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Our special little turtle lover!

Our special little turtle lover!

'Happy Christmas everyone'. Liams tweet today

Liam on

Day If you could be best friends with one of the boys, who would it be? I would love to be best friends with Liam, he seems so down to earth but he also has his little silly outburst. Let's not forget that he is an absolute cutie!

What do you guys think they're looking at???<<What the fans say on Twitter. Soon after this Niall tweeted about us being "funny" lolz

What do you guys think they're looking at?>>>Louis sent niall dirty texts by accident. No joke

Oh the amount of truth.... Seriously I don't understand Harry's so I just end up laughing like crazy. And I don't really care about Liam's grammar or spelling because his tweets always make me happy!

Becuz he said "confuse the heck out of them" so thats what he is trying to do hahah:)

This is one of the cutest tweets ever by Liam Payne.

Can we all jut stop worrying about Niall/Barbara and Harry/Kendall and remember that Liam said this?