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African Violet Leaves, Fantasy Fiesta (Eyerdom)

Repost african.violet واریته King's ransom

How to Grow African Violets from Leaf Cuttings

This simple method shows how to take leaf cuttings from African violets (Saintpaulias) to grow new plants. It's an easy way to have more of your plants you love and make extras to give as gifts.

How to Grow African Violet Plants

African Violet Plants - but I think the idea of any growing plants in teacups, placed on a tiered tidbit tray, is an excellent display/centerpiece: Midwest Living

Фиалка ЛЕ-Взбитые Сливки, химерный спорт

Watering and Humidity for African Violets

Violets need plentiful light. From October-April, grow them in the sunny east window, from May-September - north exposure. Otherwise, the harsh summer sun would fry their leaves. To keep the plants shapely, give the pots a quarter-turn every other day. To increase humidity, group plants together. Even better, set them on pebble-filled trays. Grow plants in clay pots. Clay absorbs moisture, and then releases it as humidity through evaporation. Water enough to keep the soil moist,- not…