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Sherlock series 3 US premiere date revealed by Entertainment Weekly as 19 January 2014 on PBS. No news yet on the UK premiere date (my money is on 29 December or New Year’s day).

Molly ♥ The only person who Sherlock will completely confide in when it counted most. I love how moriarty said he was going to kill his friend, and he listed off three, but really there was four. Molly. And in that moment Sherlock knew he had kept his most precious friend safe.

Oh how I love Molly! She is such a sweet character, even though at first I admit I thought her kinda shallow her charge term has developed the so much and I love it!

Nico sings his own version of Let it Go? LOL this is wonderfully hilarious for when Percy finds out!<<<Or what was going through Nico's head when Jason found out.

And Me as all of the Newsies. Thank you for the applause. You're all to kind. This is my life. @defygravity06

The shower chronicles starring me as pretty much any character that's been on Broadway

[NOT MINE] Hongbin was asked: When do you feel lonely? XD | allkpop Meme Center

[NOT MINE] Hongbin was asked: When do you feel lonely? XD Oppa, I can share an umbrella with you, if that helps ^^ I'd love to 😉❤

Sherlock- The Sign Of Three

"The Sign Of Three" Introduced Drunk Sherlock And Took A Lot Of People By Surprise

Sherlock, Season The Sign of Three (Episode Very hilarious! I think it's the worst best man speech I have ever heard!

Call an ambulance cause I just got a severe case of the feels...........:

Call an ambulance cause I just got a severe case of the feels.<<This is now my favorite piece of Sherlock fanart

Sherlockians are those that enjoy Sherlock. Holmies are the OBSESSED and evolved form of Sherlockians. No one pressed B. NO ONE PRESSED B!!

Benedict Cumberbatch says Assange could “mess with” his life, as Sherlock fans ask – “has nobody thought of the consequences?

No really stop, your killing me... Bendict Cumberbatch in places he shouldn't be!!!

Sherlock falling is my new favorite form of fan insanity. Its just as good as David Tennant in places he shouldnt be!<<< David Tennant in places he shouldn't be is nice.