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Holly Napkin Holders

Holly Napkin Holders Materials you'll need: Felt, $7.98 for 18-inch square Bells, $2.38 for a pack of 72 Decorative cord, $.50 per yard x 3 for six napkins Total for this project: $11.86

Easy Christmas Crafts

Looking to craft something special for the Christmas season but don't have that much time? Here, we offer up Christmas crafts that require only a few on-hand materials and take just minutes to make -- perfect for both you and the kids.

Last-Minute Christmas Ideas

With the help of these candle and flower centerpieces, the whole table will shine.For each one, use candle wax to attach a small floral frog to the center of a shallow bowl. Push a taper into the floral frog to secure. Pour water into the bowl. Clip amaryllis blooms (or other large flowers) from their stems, and arrange them in the bowl around the candle.

20 Ways to Dress Up Plain Christmas Ornaments

Swirly Ornament This ornament was given larger swirls of paint and wrapped with a thin strip of decorative paper. Place the ornament on a disposable cup and rotate it every few minutes while the paint is drying to completely cover the inside surface.

20 Ways to Dress Up Plain Christmas Ornaments

Ribboned Ornament Add ribbon stripes to an ornament for holiday flair. Remove the ornament cap and cut strips of ribbon. Hot-glue the strips, beginning at the base, to the ornament. Tuck the ends of the ribbons into the top opening and glue into place. Replace the ornament cap and tie a bow around the hanging loop.

20 Ways to Dress Up Plain Christmas Ornaments

Single-Color Ornaments Start with a collection of ball ornaments in a single color and embellish with white snowflake stickers. Red ornaments with white stickers look striking, but blue or green ornaments also would look spectacular.

20 Ways to Dress Up Plain Christmas Ornaments

Bejeweled Ornament Choose a single color for your ornament crafts for a stylish result. Find rhinestones to match the color of your ornaments and adhere the jewels to the ornaments in pretty patterns using crafts glue.