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farmers' market, family, & magic ~

farmers' market, family, and magic - Beginner's Heart

bloom where we're planted ~

Coming from beach breezes, a pool, and a glorious beach, it's

the Farmer's Market ~

Like I do most Saturdays, I spent the early morning hours yesterday at the Farmer's Market. The gay profusion in my driver's seat is two bouquets (one wild

birds and happiness

So here's the thing about being a bird nerd: you have to work at it. If you want birds, there's work to be done.

health, gadgets, and technology ~

I am NOT good at the boredom of keeping healthy. My joint replacement put paid to treadmilling.

orchid lessons ~

) As my beloved points out, they don't work for him.

looking for Hallowe’en

We bought my grandson's first 'real' Hallowe'en costume this year -- a teddy bear. At least, I thought it was a teddy bear.

rewards, benefits, & roses ~

reward, benefits, and roses - Beginner's Heart

contrasts and contradictions (or not…)

), but a big deal for Oklahoma. And more to come, the weather folks predic

spring, and the promise of a fresh start

Today when I filled bird feeders, I looked out over the yard. Everywhere there's the flush of rose & pink, and the backdrop of pale green that only com

grapevine, blue zones, and everyday practice ~

This is my unruly garden. To be fair, it's mostly unruly because I forget it. I get caught up writing/ cooking/ drinking tea/ just vegging (and not the gar

new blog post (thinking about time, mortality, & music) ~

There's something incredibly poignant about packing away the Christmas tree. Pulling off the ornaments -- some so very old & fragile the one I made wit

wildflowers, watermelon, and summer negligence ~

After an early morning -- spent w/ a lawyer, not every my favourite thing to do -- my sister c

new blog post (on love & loss) ~

new blog post (on love & loss) ~

autumn roses, a metaphor ~

In the spring, when my roses begin to bloom, it's wonderful: it means winter is over! The fall roses are more lovel

in praise of autumn colour and light ~

As a kid, summer was my favourite season. Then spring, as I grew into adulthood. Now, as I age further, it's autumn. It's the only season we have two names