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Stephen Hawking warning: If aliens call, should we answer?The Christian Science Monitor

Stephen Hawking once more warns that “meeting an advanced civilization could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus — that didn’t turn out so well.

Stephen Hawking Is Still Afraid of Aliens

Humanity should be wary of seeking out contact with alien civilizations, Stephen Hawking has warned once again.

Presence Of Aliens: Space Industry CEO ‘absolutely convinced’ About Th...

Presence Of Aliens: Space Industry CEO ‘absolutely convinced’ About Th...

'Hey Bill Nye, What If We're Descended from Extraterrestrials?'

Bill Nye: What if We're Descended from Extraterrestrials?

Such a question assumes we'd be able to contact aliens should we find them. Bill's not entirely sure we'll be able to.

Character inspiration...Being in love with science.

Being a geek is the coolest, ask anyone…

Mayim on why science is so cool. If you don't find your science classes cool, don't blame science, you probably have an unimaginative teacher. Transfer to another class. I love her so much

Why life is interesting

Why life is interesting

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If ET Calls, Think Twice About Answering - Issue 48: Chaos

After four long days, the International Astronautical Congress draws to a close, and two prominent…

Humans have long imagined beings in other worlds or on other planets whose emotions, motivations and physiologies closely mirror our own. Science fiction in its many forms tends toward a human-inflected conception of non-human life out in the Universe. This view of aliens as rather like us is fine for ancient myths and Hollywood blockbusters, but even modern scientists can’t seem to shake the notion that extraterrestrials’ decisions and behaviour would follow logic and patterns akin to our…

When we look for aliens, why do we always find ourselves staring back?

Maybe We Haven’t Seen Any Aliens Because They’re All Dead - Facts So Romantic

If astronomers fail to detect any other civilizations, whether extant or extinct, they may be forced to conclude that we are alone.