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It's funny how other humans think what they say is going to stop the fandoms - the power of SuperWhoLock on Tumblr

It's funny how other humans think what they say is going to stop the fandoms << *laughs* haha you're pathetic. Prepare to be swept away by a flood of our tears. <-- and your ears broken by our laughter

matt murdock/daredevil text post

penicillium-pusher: “ my favorite thing Matt Murdock does is turn off the lights when he goes and fights people like “lmao who’s blind now motherfuckers, taste my sticks of justice” ”

when you just need a little marshmallow in your bitter-ass coffee. i love veneziano and romano.

Hetalia text posts - Italys Veniziano and Romano (Random posts I compiled)

21 Tumblr Posts About Boys That Are On Point And Hilarious

19 Jokes You'll Get If You've Ever Interacted With Fuckboys

"Sexting boys is so fun because they get so into it and you're like cleaning your kitchen or something.

All the big fandoms in one text post!... They didn't ruin it, just made it better! (and of course McGonagall helped too...

All the big fandoms in one text post! (and of course McGonagall helped too. - also someone commented before saying Harry is doctor who, Hermione is Sherlock, and Ron is Supernatural

This is the best one I've seen in a looong time!! I'm crying that is how funny this is!!

*Mcgonagal voice* why is it that whenever something happens, it's always you three>>>>>>>I don't know why the first person on the text post has to be so rude about it and call them ugly lol

im sorry we made that post about fandoms *GENERIC IMAGE OF A CAKE TO BE PUT HERE*

Oh fandoms, how I love it when you take over a post. I also love how it's always supernatural doctor who and Sherlock too