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The technique behind Martin Schoeller's photography...  "And that always fascinated me, the idea of taking portraits, in my case, that allow comparison, treating different people from different walks of life and backgrounds all the same. Photographing everybody technically the same. Therefore, building a democratic platform that allows comparison and invites comparison."

Q&A: The Technique Behind Martin Schoeller's Photography

This is how celebrities really look like.normal people :D Paris Hilton These photos were taken by the talented photographer Martin Schoeller. See the whole collection of similar close-up portraits here

Meryl Streep | aging with beauty |  portrait by Martin Schoeller

53 Reasons Why Meryl Streep Is The Best

I so admire her.meryl streep photographed by martin schoeller, a new york based photographer whose work appears in The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, GQ and Vogue. I Meryl Streep!

Dame Judith, great example of a woman who's beautiful without being airbrushed to within an inch of her life.  The slight wrinkles and sags here and there are who she is and she IS beautiful!

Dame Judith Olivia "Judi" Dench (born 9 December is an English film, stage and television actress.

Jack Nicholson (John Joseph "Jack" Nicholson an American actor, film director, producer, and writer.)

The Celebrity Atheist and Skeptics List

MARTIN SCHOELLER Jack Nicholson, 2002 Martin Schoeller is a New York-based photographer whose style of "hyper-detailed close ups" is distinguished by similar treatment of all subjects whether they are celebrities or unknown.

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The Average American's Face Will Change How You Think About Race

I can't decide between making her African American-ish like this or white hair .The average American circa Courtesy of National Geographic. Photograph by Martin Schoeller. We can only hope we all look like this in 50 year's time.

I finally found a visible jawline! It hasn't really experienced much aging yet.

Willem Dafoe by Martin Schoeller for BlackBook whom I like for his reptilianess and because of the flower.

Les portraits de célébrités de Martin Schoeller Martin Schoeller 02

Les portraits de célébrités de Martin Schoeller

Iggy - Martin Schoeller’s series of close up portraits of famous musicians, actors, fashion designers, athletes, etc…

Epic Celebrity Photography by Martin Schoeller | I Like To Waste My Time

Funny Celebrities Portraits By Martin Schoeller: Jesse Eisenberg I get a feel for Eisenberg as a person.I feel like this embodies the busy world around him as a very shy/coy guy.