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He's a Changed Boy by IAmZBEST on deviantART

I'm a hard core Mericup shipper (as you might tell). But isn't it amazing how hot they're making him in httyd It's awesome! He's a Changed Boy

Hiccup: Are you a ghost? Speak, apparition!

Talking with The Big Four Part 2!

The day will come I swear hopefully

Merida and Hiccup ship both Jackunzel and themselves (Mericcup).

I saw this book on wattpad about these guys at hogwarts and lol this is accurate

Rapunzel, Hiccup, Jack Frost, and Merida wearing Hogwarts uniforms. Personally I think that Hiccup should be Ravenclaw and Rapunzel should be Hufflepuff because Hiccup was one of the smartest people in his tribe and knew a ton of things about dragons