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The one on the right is prettier but than again, those of us on the RIGHT usually are!

On July 3, 2014, after officiating at a wedding of two homosexuals in New York, comedienne Joan Rivers was asked by an off-camera reporter: “Do you think the country … United States will see the first gay president or first woman … Continue reading →

Obama Admits His Wife is a Transexual Man Named “Michael,” Admiral Mike Mullin Looks Confused

how's that 'hopeless chains' thing workin' out for ya...?

Sham War: Defense Sec. Gates Says Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Unrealistic, ‘Boots On The Ground’ Required For ‘Success’ « Pat Dollard

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Someone commented that this was racist and Trump should go play golf. People reacted with your a douche. The welfare I don't agree with but this meme of course wouldn't put a white person getting Obama phone.

HAHA!!! NO MORE FREE HANDOUTS!!! Dat face you make when yo gubment sheck finna get cut lol!!

HAHA!!! NO MORE FREE HANDOUTS!!! Dat face you make when yo gubment sheck finna get cut lol!!

If we cannot have competency tests or taxes on voting because it denies people the exercise of their constitutional right, how is it legal to use regulation and licensing requirements to pricd the poor out of gun ownership?

MEME: The logic of Eric Holder...

NBC: Eric Holder signed off on criminal investigation of Fox News’ James Rosen


Classless first lady and she must be photoshopped in magazine pictures to look less "hefty" than she actually is

Racism?.?.?.?.?. You mean Him!!!!!!!!! Lol lol

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani slammed the intelligence briefings President Barack Obama has received on Russia as “incompetent or politicized.

Amen sissy boy. A man that doesn't like guns was neutered at birth or estrogen poisoned by his FemiNazi mother and weak and feeble, on a leash father. Period.

You fear shopping at the grocery store without your gun displayed? Let me write you a prescription for two testicles.

That's so rude, what even gives the right to call someone a cow? I don't care who you are, or who they are, but all you can think of are insults reguarding to one's weight, then maybe you're the scum.

Laughing at this LIB-tarded Turd. She lifts her leg to pee. Ivanka Trump's clothes are for WOMEN not bull-dykes.