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Greedy and Corrupt of Crooked pervert Donnie + the swamp scum #NotMyPresident


The American taxpayer IS the government that pays for your "free" shit! Comes right out of our paychecks! Understand that?!

But wait!! It was the Russians who were influencing the election

Latest stupidity from the demon-crats, the gun control sit in (wait for it, wait for it) in a highly guarded building, with their armed body guards nearby..But don't forget now, the demon-crats are there for you & your families (major sarcasm btw)

Refreshing a libtard's memory is like waking a bear in the month of December. From none other than Harry Scumbag Reid...we're getting another national holiday just for his retirement

Peace... love... equality... it is supposedly what the Liberal adheres to. Their actions say otherwise. ~@guntotingkafir GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

How Liberals really feel about black people. AND Black People KNOW that these Stupid, Ignorant Berkley Liberals are IDIOTS! (Liberals, fed LIES & Misinformation by the DemonRat Party)