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Spotted orchids

Kohleria 'Sunsine' orchids I personally don't like pink but I like the pattern on these flowers.So uniquely crafted!

Dark Red Miltoniopsis Orchid

I see three beautiful dancers in huge dresses, so alive that they illuminate. They really are(Dark Red Miltoniopsis Orchids)Life is art!

Butterfly Orchids

24 Most Beautiful Flowers In This Gallery

Pink orchids and butterfly - Orchid & butterflies, what a lovely pairing; Look at God's amazing design in camouflaging this butterfly!

chrysanthemum Crown Beautiful

flowersgardenlove: chrysanthemum Crown Beautiful (ZsaZsa Bellagio Tumblr)

Chrysanthemum Crown - Jenny pink (****The mum blossom is actually a collection of hundreds of flowers. Each white petal is a ray flower.

fairy fountain plant | ... crystal climber flowering season incrystal fountaintm fairy blue olive

Fountain-like centers on lilac blue flowers-Clematis 'Crystal Fountain',bloom time:early summer to early fall,full sun to mostly type