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I JUST BOUGHT MY MARK II D ! ok, this photo was not done with it yet but, keep your eyes open to see what I will do with it! my first couple photos.

Must have engagement photos...                                                                                                                                                     Mehr

Must have engagement photos...

I love this as an engagement picture. I love that it's not about the ring, or the date, it's about the couple. This is the perfect example of what a perfect engagement pic should be. It also could be a fabulous pic of a couple who are renewing their vows.

never mind the quote, though its nice, but i love the idea of a suprise kiss like this <3

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Corner kisses.

forehead kisses over any other kisses. // this picture reminds me of you. i miss your stupid forehead kisses and your lingering hugs.

Love & Passion within Marriage

Love & Passion within Marriage

you can see it in her eyes she is completely happy and in love

This is my collection of pictures that inspire me. Beautiful people, interiors and moments. In short pictures that caught my eye and my heart. I don't own these pictures, I just love them and want.

Good Morning!

Chapter Just then Draco came breezing into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind as she finished putting away the last of this mornings breakfast dishes and dropped a swift kiss to the nape of her neck.