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Having executive presence requires you to be active and involved. Sheryl Sandberg's TEDTALK about women in business touches heavily on what it takes to have executive presence. Her first point about sitting at the table rings true. Sit at the table. Initiate conversations. Be a strong force. Whether your a female leader or male.

A Fresh Start: Making a New Space Feel Like Home

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As part of a Flamingo global initiative, Flamingo São Paulo hosted an event on female empowerment in Brazilian society and its impact on brands. The event happened on September 1st and was held i...

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Support Women empowerment #RiseofWomen, Rise of India – Meenaxi Bapaye Renowned Leading Ophthalmologist from Nashik.

Flying Into The Future: Five Trends Transforming Your Business and Your Life The world renowned futurist, Faith Popcorn, shares her views on trends that will affect…