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Makoto Kagoshima ceramic plate Ceramics with a Japanese heart: Makoto Kagoshima


I just discovered these delightful ceramics via a plate a day and Jollygoo from Makoto Kagoshima which are available from Biotape in .

Diana Fayt - моя любимая художница по керамике

It's about time for another post about the Bay Area Pottery Posse .

Dish. Village of Kala, South Daghestan. 13th or 14th century. Clay, painted and glazed.

The unrestrained manner of painting and its skilful arrangement on the rounded surface of the dishes testify to the superb workmanship of local craftsmen and a highly developed art of ornamentation.

Vichy Lindo

'Black Garden Cat' by Vicky Lindo. Preparations for FAUNA at gallerytop opening on Saturday 9 May from