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Chocolate I remember when chocolate was first invented. Sweet sweet chocolate. I always hated the stuff

theyre selling chocolates? what are they selling?

That episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where Patrick and SpongeBob try to be chocolate sellsmen. THIS IS SSSSOOOO ME!

The episode of spongebob where they sell chocolate aka one of the best episodes ever!

Do you want it to hurt me, Kevin?

Do you want it to hurt me, Kevin?

Spongebob transition slides

Spongebob time cards are the best. The all important "One Eternity Later" card is missing!--- my favorite one is when Patrick is like "can you hurry up spongebob I'm running out of time cards"

Spongebob knows all!

Chrome - Other - Sep 2012 - Rage Comics - Ragestache oh my gosh Spongebob is right