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The Kamares-style was the first polychrome Minoan artwork on pottery

Minoan pottery pictures and photos collection from greek museums

Minoan art: Ancient Greece <- this is so modern and gorgeous! Hard to believe it is ancient. Just beautiful.

Minoan Octopus Vase 'I'd like to be/under the sea/in an octopus's garden/with you' - I can't help it, I hear this every time I see this vase

Bronze age fresco of a lady from Crete http://en.protothema.gr/excavations-yield-impressive-results-at-mountain-top-minoan-settlement/#.Ve72YX2TYi0.facebook

Minoan Art - Blue Ladies fresco (detail) of Minoan women from the Palace of Knossos, Crete

Ancient Minoan fresco - this looks like an ancient Mediterranean ancestor of Marc Chagall....

""Minoan goddess picking saffron crocus flower"" this is because they were used to cure menstrual cramps, which were tied to the moon cycles and snake shedding, all symbols of the cosmic cycles in their religion.

Jug with bird, example of Cycladic art, about 1600 BCE. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Jug with bird, example of Cycladic art, about 1600 BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Minoan Fresco of Women    Inspiration for the Mycenaean Greeks for centuries. Style of hair is similar to Egypt whom the Minoans copied many art trends.

Minoan woman in Fitted Bodice.Greece & Crete - Minoan women: long, dark, curly hair, colorful ruffled skirts, bodices cut underneath the breasts

Gold Ornament in the form of a Bee   1700-1600 BC  Minoan  Length: 1.9 cm  (Source: The British Museum)

ancientpeoples: “ Gold Ornament in the form of a Bee BC Minoan Length: cm (Source: The British Museum) ”