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as I figured out what it said, my mouth was open just like that!!! Ha ha!

Today is Pi Day, for obvious reasons. Pi is a Greek letter representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, a mathematical constant. If a circle's diameter is one, its circumference is approximately Happy Pi day.

Haha my god there are some stupid people out there <<I have one question... Where does this person think the meat in the store came from? Heaven?

Are you retarded? God I Can't stand some people. Mostly animal activists.

A major factor.

I don't care how simple this joke may be. I'm just happy I understand a joke that has to do with math. <--- this made me laugh as much as the joke itself.

These are the questions we need to be asking in life

I especially don't like the dentist one. Sometimes my teeth cleaning takes 2 times the time it should because she stops to hear my answer, and then I have to talk with a bunch of paste stuff in my mouth.

The human heart

Well, that was unexpected. i did not see the last one coming i saw the words and totally thought it was gunna be an actual picture of a heart cut in two pieces.

Made me laugh! i can't stop laughing  help

There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, I hate more than people on cell phones in public bathrooms. If you work in retail it happens ALL the time bc employees take "bathroom breaks" so they can make phone calls.

Who wouldn't. His is frieking funny and I don't want a whale to die

its funny. but sad tht it says to like or a whale dies. causee i doubt thatss true. but the whales are funy haha" pre-poster A baby whale wil die.