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thought I was really learning something

TV Game Show. The contestant, man or woman, would ask a series of questions to 3 hidden eligible daters. Based on their answers the contestant would choose one to go on a date.

Robin Williams (Mork) and Pam Dawber (Mindy) - Mork & Mindy

This is how I will always remember Robin Williams, Mork from Ork. 'Mork and Mindy'


The Saturday morning ritual! A bowl of cold cereal and cartoons.

Casper, the friendly ghost. #oldschoolcartoons

Casper The Friendly Ghost! - Casper the Friendly Ghost is a children's cartoon television series that originally aired in 1950 and based on a storybook character creation by Joe Oriolo and Seymour Reit.

Good show...Loved guessing answer.....

Concentration - game show Watched this at Grandma's house. She had the game, too! Loved beating my brother.

The Dating Game was a Chuck Barris production and first aired in 1965 on ABC. Jim Lange was the original host as a bachelor/bachelorette, would ask questions of three eligible bachelors/bachelorettes and choose one to go on a paid dinner date with. A lot of celebrities made guest appearances on the show as well

Looking for a job is like playing the dating game: you’re like a lover looking for the best mate, and the employer is playing the same game in reverse. ( The Dating Game, a TV show in the

Still watch this!! If I could have any 'super power', I would chose Samantha Stevens'!!! LOL  (SH)

Bewitched was an American television series that ran from 1964 to The premise was that a witch (Samantha Stephens) married an advertising executive (Darrin Stephens), Samantha’s mother Endora!

Anyone remember the "Dating Game"?

Most people have never hired a designer in their lives. They will live good, fulfilling, happy lives. They will throw birthday parties for…