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This isn't just a teenager post, this is a thought I have often and why I won't shower without someone in the house.


So funny, because I remember my mom putting away dishes SO LOUD when I was trying to sleep as a teen. Now I realize, as a mom, that teens are being punished for the 13 PRIOR years they kept us parents up with various nonsense.

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Teenager Post - That annoying moment when you get fed up of waiting for a page to load, so you close it and in the split second that you do, you can see the page has fully loaded, but it's too late. ~ Happens all the time!

funny quotes oh mickey you're so fine admit it you sang that

I kinda hate when people only know that song coz of Pitch Perfect. Ive known this song for ages.

i've never thought this but now i will...

I hate iphones I like only Samsung so yeah.I think I'm in love with my phone

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Dear student who finished the test in 7 minutes, I HOPE YOU FAIL. Sincerely, still on the question.

i have always wondered that... it is janurary if I was born in 2015 I would not even be a month old

Idk why this always makes me laugh so much I guess because I picture it in a really sarcastic voice and it's so true idk but this is just too funny

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Read from the story The Book Of Teenage Posts [book by XnotjustanothergirlX (Natasha) with 409 reads.

Like step on my cat's tail (she is fully grey and loves to wander around in home at 2AM)

this is my life.always stepping on kitty cat tails and puppy dog feet!

Found on Google from pinterest.com

Found on Google from pinterest.com

Hilarious but true...

True story and it is not just teenagers either! I am a grown woman and I will not look out the window at night.

That is soo true

hate them hate them hate them! (I blame my school if I die from a mini heart attack)

And in my head I say the following markiplier quote: why the fuck, did that happen, you son of s bitch

My ABSOLUTE pet peeve! Happens to me all the time! I think- that person isn't worthy of my story then- to make myself feel better haha!