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Mir gefällt der Übergang von Ranke zu Phönix

A frien of mine, I live with, asked me to do the tattoo motive for her. Well, here it is~ (she got it as a christmas present) Drawn with a ballpoi. Firebird- Tattoo request from a friend

Tatting, Lace

pinterest I don’t need all the octopus things but I could use this on a journal

dream catcher + Octopus // "An octopus can lose an arm without harm and regrow it. By biting it off, the octopus loses the infected arm and hopefully a healthy one regrows, but in captive situations, probably caused by bad water quality, the infectio

Conch shell tattoo :)

Conch shell, on the hip by Chris Reed: Tattoo Inspiration - Worlds Best Tattoos

sketch2 for position as tattoo apprentice

for position as tattoo apprentice