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This is hysterical, but who would do that to their child?

Drawing angry eyebrows on a baby. Actual real lol only reason am pinning this baby

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This kid is going to grow up and do great things…

Funny pictures about This kid is going to grow up and do great things. Oh, and cool pics about This kid is going to grow up and do great things. Also, This kid is going to grow up and do great things.

iron man minion joke - Google Search

Funny Minions from Long Beach PM, Sunday October 2016 PDT) - 30 pics - Funny Minions

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ANABELLE- Exclusive cat reg

ANABELLE- Exclusive cat reg

Meet Anabelle the Cat! She is Barnes & Noble's EXCLUSIVE Beanie Boo friend. Anabelle is a sweet kitty with pink and cream fur.

22 New Silly Minion Quotes  #minionquotes #funnyminion #minionpictures #lol #minions

22 New Silly Minion Quotes -

Best minion quotes ever on Internet! Find top funny minion quotes and pictures here. Awesome collection of minions quotes and pics. Get funny minion quotes

I may of had to change the board ( I originally put it on the wrong one) and the description by hand but I did pin it with my ear!

I typed with my nose 👃 Now I am typing with my hands, plz comment ( honestly) if u could do this with ur ear cause it was impossible for me!

If it f...... fits...!

Funny Minion quotes of the hour PM, Wednesday July 2015 PDT) – 10 pics

Today Lol funny Minions captions (12:26:24 PM, Thursday 11, June 2015 PDT) – 10 pics

Minions with Funny Quote" - Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid." - Despicable - Me - Black Hard Snap on Case Cover for Apple Iphone Iphone 4 Universal: Verizon - Sprint - At&t - Great Affordable Gift!

30 Minions Quotes #Minions #Quotes

30 Minions Quotes

I am really loving Minions, and their funny quotes are just way too hilarious and amusing, below I have gathered some funniest minions quotes hope you will like them .