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6 Must Visit Coffee Shops On Oahu

Buy the World’s Strongest Coffee

Just think what the evil would be like if it wasn't warmed up first :)

Teaches You How To Order Coffee In 8 Languages

Have you ever wondered how people from around the world get their coffee fix? Here’s how to order coffee in popular world languages.

I tried the recipe for ''The Best Iced Coffee In The World! -- here are my results in pics! (...and it was very tasty!) Super easy recipe: 3/4c coarsely ground coffee 3 Tbsp brown sugar 1Tsp or Tbsp Cinnamon (dep. on your preference) 3 c. cold water, in a jar, in the fridge overnight... french press in the morning! Add cream, or whatever you normally add to your coffee! Enjoy! (click on pic for link to actual recipe)

10 Weird and Unusual Things to See and Do in Washington State

Bob's Java Jive : Washington is home to the world's biggest coffee pot! No longer functioning as a coffee pot, but as a club these days. #scenicwa

24 U.S. Coffee Shops To Visit Before You Die

Coffee around the world

Coffee around the world

In my opinion Italian coffee is one of the best ways to illustrate the Italian way of life and la bella vita. In Italy quality is given much more importance than quantity, Italy still hasn't fallen into the imperialistic idea that bigger is better, but...