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This is my newest rescue, Sheldon. He is a french bull dog/ boston terrier mix.

Also my morning face.

Grumpy Boston Terrier- "Of course it's Monday. Does this look like my Friday face?" Oh Koda, just get up so I can take you out.

I'll be watching!

My sweet pup stares at me when I'm eating, or doing any and everything. With his big Boston eyes he doesn't miss a thing! ::: this is true of every Boston i have known. Got to love them all.

Boston Terrier

"Lifelong fear of plastic bags in ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boston Terrier


Myth Sniffers #4: Are Humans Fast Runners?

Mom wanted to get me braces, I said not a chance. only a smile a mummy can love

I need that mat for Ziggy!

I can't decide if these are Boston Terriers or French Bulldogs