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headlines that are funny makes you want to read/ look at it. Use funny headlines on pages for the plays or the clubs

Oh my gosh... I would DIE. xD

I would shove my face against the side of it and make the person on the inside feel super uncomfortable.<<OH GOSH. But why is this even a thing in the first place?

Please tell me this is fake. I already hate him enough this just sounds so

Sounds like a plan to me>Do you wanna hide a body?>sounds cool>I got an idea of where to put him

My parents were gone for the weekend | moved everything five inspires to the left

Funny pictures about I am a cruel man. Oh, and cool pics about I am a cruel man. Also, I am a cruel man.

I'm not a Justin Bieber hater because frankly I just don't care enough, but this is funny.

The most awesome images on the Internet

Disagree on the Canada thing, I lived in a border city, some of them are quite rude and they're not all Justin Bieber, but still funny.

This is creepily accurate... *~*

The fangirls took over this post. Go fangirls! But so true at the same time

Happened the other day, actually.

Check this out

Funny story: I was actually outside one time cleaning our pool and i heard a bang. To sum it up, i freaked out and never learned if it was a gunshot or a firecracker. but being in the south i have to see that it was probably a gunshot in a small city .

okay, that last one with Mufasa sent me over the edge. | Tumblr Stuff Memes. Best Collection of Funny Tumblr Stuff Pictures

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The pizza one is hilarious because at the end it's like I bet none of us even have 9 friends and that is the most relatable sentence I've ever heard


Haha up till now I thought he was naming the feather Macaroni cuz, like, I dunno, maybe Yankee Doodle was autistic or just really loved feathers or something.


"I swear I'm a writer, not a serial killer." "Just a writer with serial killer-like tendencies in my writing." "im a serial killer.