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If you have been thinking of getting help for an #EatingDisorder, we commend you for taking that first step by acknowledging you need help. Now, put your thoughts into action and reach out for the help you need. Call 800-236-7524 today to speak to a caring and helpful representative. Calls are judgement-free and always confidential. #Treatment #Recovery #Anorexia

It is possibly to overcome an eating disorder. It will be difficult and take a lot of strength and courage, but if you have the right people supporting you, recovery is possible. This quote explains the negative side of eating disorders, which I don't think we see enough. Pro-ana and pro-mia sites make eating disorders look glamorous, but remember they are diseases.

"Whether or not I tried to recover or let myself slip away, life kept going. And it would continue to keep going, with or without me. I needed to make sure that life kept going, with me in it." Healing happens, & recovery is possible - a personal story of recovery from anorexia: www.anastasiaamour.com

Recovery is possible. But you never really forget what you went through. That's part of the fight. Part of life. Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. If we forgot them, we'd never learn or grow.

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