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Great Horned Owl mom and chick. Cornell GHO Live Cam

Great Horned Owl mom and chick.

Animals In Art: Owls, Part 2

Animals In Art: Owls, Part 2

Use a swimming noodle, under a fitted sheet. to keep a toddler from rolling off of the bed. This is a great idea!

place a swimming noodle underneath fitted sheet to keep toddler from rolling off the bed.

On Madonna and the Superb Owl, from two of my favorite ladies of the internet (Julie Klausner and Natasha Vargas-Cooper): 
Julie: Her stubborn refusal to age gracefully?    Julie: Fear.    

Julie: Anger    

Julie: Contempt.    

Natasha: Where does the male scorn come from?    

Julie: Her lack of concern for an audience different than her essentialists.    

Julie: Also she's sinewy and fat free.    

Julie: So she's not soft like a fuckable little lithe girl or a mom who…

Julie: Well, to me, Madonna is like the Catholic Church or Penn State. Natasha: This is like when the Catholic…

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/128535434/owl-sign-owl-buffet-sign-owl-food-sign

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The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits: 30+ Knitting Patterns | InterweaveStore.com

The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Special Issue Magazine (single issue) with Magical Knitting Projects: Owl Cardigan inspired by Ginny; Keep Warm with Albanian Forest Mitts; Tent-like Canary-Yellow Pullover fit for Hagrid, and more.

Good idea

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