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Lol... truly a special kind

She should be forcibly retired because she's mentally gone.

Smokey The Bear Says:

Smokey the Bear says. Only you can return fire. Be Prepared!

Vote Donald Trump..The Only Choice.....Dive In And Quickly Discover…Safe, Private, Life-Affirming, Sheet-Grabbing, Scream-Out-Loud, Scrape-Me-Off-The Ceiling Orgasms Pleasure. Order Now! Http://3xtoys.Ca

Whatever the genesis of this bunch of goat lovers, they are Islamic and they hate America. Don't be put off by the PC (Pansy Crappers) crowd. Use your Amendment rights and speak your truth boldly and clearly.

http://gotrex.rocks/no-class-no-taste/  No Class & No Taste.

http://gotrex.rocks/no-class-no-taste/ No Class & No Taste.

I got nothing nice to say, Sooo.....  I got nothing nice to say, sooo...... I'm going to say it anyway!! four of the most anti-Americans ever!!! well, what do ya know! I said it nice!!!

The democrat leaders, working hard to solve our problems.and you know the media would not have asked, unless they had to.

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It's a scam and our president has given foreign countries money to implement changes to thwart climate change. Ask any scientist if humans are capable of effecting change in our climate, assuming climate change is man made!

See more at http://RexCrouch.com

See more at http://RexCrouch.com

The Obama presidency

The Obama Presidency: Lie Lie about lying Send Carney out to lie some more Golf Fundraise Blame Bush Lie about something else Repeat